Qruxel E-sports Studio offers professional productions for live events and e-sports.

Offline events

Are you hosting a lan party or an e-sports tournament with offline finals?

We got the casters, hosts and observers that you're used to see on national TV and Twitch.

Online tournaments

Our studio offers unique possibillites to handle your online tournaments, no matter the game.

The TV-wall behind casters makes it easy to brand the show anyway you like it.


Our clean-feeds are well known globaly for it's supreme 1080p quality and we only hire the best observers in the world.

Clean-feeds become more and more popular as a way of providing content for community streams.

Live streaming

Keynotes, Product realeases, Seminars, weddings - just a few examples where live streaming can reach a broader audience. We bring all the equipment and crew needed.

Studio productions

If you want to do a news cast, greenscreen shoot or record your own cooking show - our studio is always ready


Not sure where to start? or are you considering building your own studio? We have the expertise you need.

By using new methods and creativity, we produce live-content in a way that TV networks would deam impossible.

We love e-sports!

We've worked with e-sports from the start, and we know what the viewers want and when they riot.

We got the equipment

Cameras, video mixers, audio mixers, you name it! We use the same professional equipment that the TV networks do - we just use it in a more efficient way.

We're not afraid to use it

Let's be honest, we're nerds. As such, we don't just know how to use it, we pick things appart and learn every single component inside.

We know the people

Over the years we've built a network of the best casters, observers, hosts, graphic designers and video gurus there is. We always have the right people for the right task

We got room

Our studio have 5 different sets for news/casting, expert-panels, casual gaming, greenscreen and even kitchen shows!

We are dynamic

No mather if you want something small or something huge, every event is different and requires the right amount of people and talents. We have those people.

Our clients

Our partners