Your Brand.
Our passion.

A white-label company

Qruxel was born from passion for technology and gadgets.

Instead of producing our own content, we are dedicated to make sure your story gets told in the best way possible.

Though millions have seen our work, very few people know about us.

Kinda like ninjas.

tl:dr;While others dream of fame and glory,
we dream of broadcast equipment.(And sometimes about unicorns.)

Playful ideas. Professional execution.

Innovation is our second nature.

We not only think outside the box, we dismantle it to craft solutions that are truly groundbreaking.

Despite our creative spirit and enthusiasm for unprecedented ideas, we are unyieldingly committed to delivering professional results.

We understand the gravity of live broadcasts and events, and our playful ideas always align with a strict focus on precision, reliability, and flawless execution.

We are proud of our track record in pioneering live broadcasts and events that have never been attempted before, all while maintaining an exceptional standard of professionalism that our clients trust and rely on.


We fuse creative solutions with strict professionalism.

Superpowers and unicorns

Our secret sauce

We're a bunch of nerds who turn passion into profession. We're not just clocking in and out; we're living our dream job.

We each play to our strengths and love every minute of it. This passion-powered expertise is our secret sauce, our superpower, if you will.

We've globe-trotted, producing show-stopping live events, from electrifying esports to spectacular corporate shindigs.

But hey, don’t think we're resting on our laurels! We're always ready for the next adventure, armed with our headsets and boundless enthusiasm!

tl:dr;Experts in live broadcasts, fueled by passion.

Our clients, past and current